DC Direct - 13" Power Girl - Deluxe Collector Figure

Possessing superhuman strength and the ability to fly, she is a member of the Justice Society of America and the team's first chairwoman. Power Girl sports a bob of blond hair, wears a distinctive white, red, and blue costume, and has an aggressive fighting style.

Power Girl explains her cleavage-window to Superman, revealing that "the first time I made this costume, I wanted to have a symbol, like you. I just… I couldn’t think of anything. I thought eventually, I’d figure it out. And close the hole. But I haven’t."


"This costume shows what I am: female, healthy, and strong. If men want to degrade themselves by staring and drooling and tripping over themselves, that's their problem, I'm not going to apologize for it."



Shaun said...

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Shaun said...

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