DC Direct - 13" Catwoman - Deluxe Collector Figure

During the Silver Age, Catwoman, like most Batman villains, used a variety of themed weapons, vehicles, and equipment, such as a custom cat-themed car called the "Cat-illac".

I want a "Cat-illac"

Tonight, Selina decided she'd have a crack at stealing the world's largest cubic zirconia from the Springfield Museum...

Ooooh... Zirconia Ztolen...

Catwoman's favored weapon is a whip. She wields both a standard bullwhip and the cat-o-nine-tails with expert proficiency.

In addition, Catwoman has been shown to have various items to restrain her victims, such as a set of plastic ties for binding hands and feet, and a roll of duct tape used to gag her targets.

"A master thief possessed of unsurpassed stealth and cunning, Gotham City's finest cat-burglar."

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