2008 Countdown: Black Suited Spider-man

2008 Countdown - ie., Top 10 Figures of '08.
Sure, it's '09, but what am I, a calender?

Medicom Black Suited Spider-man: What a great figure. The suit is stretchy and hard wearing. Medicom's body, when it works so well on a design such as this, is my personal favourite.
Highly worth checking out is Shaun's Evaluation of the Medicom body (among others).


@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

Great poses and great shots, Bracken :) When Medicom wants to, they certainly can produce some fine figures and their Spider-man line is without doubt one of the best.

Bracken said...

Thank you @lex, and thanks for stopping by.

I agree. Makes you wonder where that inconceivably silly Harvey Dent comes from.

Shaun said...

thanks for the link! Have you snagged the custom Peter Parker heads for this? I recall they were going on sale in Dec on ebay.

Bracken said...

I was surprised how difficult it was to find shots of naked Medicom body so that post was really helpful :)

No i didn't, but i like the head that was on the Peter Parker release the most.

deSMOnd said...

I agree with Alex this is the best 12inch Spiderman figure released by Medicom in the market.